Visual Artist Graeme Roger works collaboratively as ROGER & REID & with collaborative project GANGHUT

Roger & Reid were the recipients of the Paul Morton Award for Lens Based Art, awarded by The Royal Scottish Academy of Art & Architecture, 2012

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some films from GANGHUT in Chapeltown





Ganghut - Hands across the fire, Dundee Contemporary Arts


please contact us if you would like to receive a copy of the book BURGHEAD , the culmination of a 6 month residency project at Burghead Headland Trust

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or watch extracts of the film below - a collaboration with Dave Martin



also available MEAT & TWO VEG audio cd about a fictional world within Tillydrone, Aberdeen. A ROGER & REID residency project with Peacock Visual Arts and SHMU fm....follow the link to archives of the radio

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review of ROGER & REID'S film piece at IG:LU's first event in Inverness...

Graeme Roger and Kevin Reid’s thought provoking, cathartic and humorous video work made in association with students of the University of Memphis featured a series of interviews with individuals constructing and destroying their own monsters. A critique of iconic figures and villains, the ready made style of filming and makeshift construction of effigies of figures such as Martha Stewart, Gumby, Mr Potato Head, Jason from the Friday the 13th franchise of films and King Willie, the major of Memphis, seemed to empower the individual, yet ironically echo the national and popular cultural pastime of blowing the enemy away. The slowed down soundtrack accompanying the destruction of each figure by projectile heightened the comic element of the work, the amplified sound effect reminiscent of Godzilla- banishing these personal monsters whilst asking of the viewer to consider their own.

© Georgina Coburn, 2010

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