Roger & Reid were artists in residence in Tillydrone, Aberdeen.  A collaboration between Peacock Visual Arts & Stationhouse Media Unit. 2008 - archive below, listen to the full radio shows or contact us for a limited edition cd

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Meat and Two Veg - Presented by Roger and Reid

The time has come to open your ears and mind to the hairy artist duo's brand new radio show and 4-part audio play "Meat & Two Veg: adventures in the no-go zone!" The play set in a mystical, mythical alternate tillydrone follows Roger & Reid's antics with such colourful characters as Lord Googah of Gordon, Pie Lady Anna and Dave 'The Swearing' Butcher, and contains new songs written in the Tilly residency flat such as 'We Are The Pies!' & 'The Dog Gang Rap'!

Live on the radio from the 10th March 10pm-11pm. shmuFM radio (99.8FM) in the Aberdeen area or listen live or archived online at .

10pm till 11pm every Monday night until the end of March! We pity the fool that misses it!!!!!! Watch yer back!

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