Cat Plays Piano

Writer: Kit Lee 
Director: Ellis Fearne 
Visual Design: Mike Webster

Friday 10 October at The Drouthy Cobbler, Elgin 
Saturday 11 October at The Phoenix Ale House, Inverness 
Doors 12:30pm Starts 1pm £10 includes drink and lunch 

Post Show discussion directly after the performance

Jason Darcy lives in the shadow of that other Mr Darcy, who strides through the world of woman's hour, handsomely shouldering aside the breast cancer features like a dark demi-god. Austin's Darcy dares all men to be confident, remote, complex, improvable and rich, (naturally). Somehow this complete arse has become the romantic ideal of the modern feminist, who, if she actually met him, would almost certainly call him an arse.

Scorned by his former wife and teenage daughters, homeworker Jason Darcy is obsessed with how to be Jason Darcy. Isolated and Facebook addicted he lives in a constant crisis of comparison, envying the lives of friends of friends of friends; their irony-free philosophies, and endless charity marathons. Torn between how he feels and how he feels the world feels he should feel, he is almost afraid to speak in public in case he says the wrong thing, makes the wrong joke, holds the wrong opinion.....

Cat Plays Piano sets out to take its audience on an uncompromising journey into the darker recesses of Jason Darcy as he tries to remake himself for a world where the ability to hunt mammoths is no longer considered a passport to the top.

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