A conversation between Graeme Roger, Peter Dibdin & Jeep Solid

*Screening at the 2016 Inverness Film Festival

Inverness Museum and Gallery

27 February – 26 March 2016

This exhibition is the final outcome from a year long collaboration between artist/filmmaker Graeme Roger, photographer Peter Dibdin and musician, beat poet and autistic artist Roderick MacKenzie aka Jeep Solid. 


The ‘fly on the wall’ film documents MacKenzie as he explores the ideas behind his personal research into the Kingdom of Moray, and these findings inevitably cross paths with his own life story which is mired by daily conflicts as he struggles to communicate and process information.  During the 11th century Inverness was at the centre of the powerful Kingdom of Moray, which was frequently at war with Scottish kings. Many of the artefacts within the museum’s medieval collection have informed MacKenzie’s research into this area. 

As a recovering alcoholic and substance abuser (clean for 22 years) MacKenzie talks freely about his experiences and how they have shaped and influenced him. During the late 1960’s and 70’s he was a part of several bands including White Trash and spent time in the USA with the New York Dolls as well as being a flat-mate with Lemmy from Motorhead.  MacKenzie was always the third man, his autism and addictions meant he was un-able to realise his potential as a musician.

"Jeep Solid is Scotland’s forgotten hero of performance, trying to classify him is like trying to put a beach-ball in a match-box! It won’t go in even if you spend time deflating it!”


"The song-writing skills of Neil Young and the presence of Alex Harvey!"  Des Dillan

MacKenzie’s life functions via his own constructed soundtrack and the film features audio picked up during filming as he plays and listens to music constantly. Music and song-writing is the glue that holds MacKenzie’s world together and new tracks featuring his lyrical/poetic style are on headphones within the exhibition.

The photographic prints displayed play on the concept of the ‘Kingdom of Moray’ and with the image of the performer as a cult icon in various locations as a reflection of this persona.  Whilst the film conveys the reality of MacKenzie’s world the photographs will seek to capture the more ethereal side of his persona.

A further aspect of the project is to show the writings /notebook style way that MacKenzie works as part of the exhibition. The Kingdom of Moray can be seen as a metaphor of his character - an exploration of past events, relationships, conflict and this informs the future.

Artist Graeme Roger’s work includes sculpture, film, performance, photography, installations, theatre and residency projects, often collaborating with other artists and musicians, forming part of wildbird, Roger & Reid, GANGHUT and he is the digital media artist at Eden Court Theatre. Recent projects include residencies at Culloden Battlefield & Aden Country Park, also recipient of the Royal Scottish Academy Morton Award for lens based art. Video designer for theatre including the National Theatre of Scotland & Mull Theatre.

Photographer Peter Dibdin has exhibited his work throughout the UK and internationally. Currently, Dibdin works commercially from his Summerhall studio in Edinburgh, the city’s premier creative hub, where his photography has featured on billboards, magazines and online publications for a variety of local and international companies.

Supported by a Highland Visual Arts & Craft Award

watch the full film below...


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