A Grizedale Arts project, Abby Loveland, Amy Marletta, Kevin Reid & Graeme Roger joined forces to create 'the Prairie Oysters' a spud firing rock group.  Following a month with Lantana Projects in Memphis, aided by punk rock basketballer Justice, the group honed their skills and bodies under the influence of Charles Bronson. prisoner and born again artist, using his Solitary Fitness regime.  We were also joined by photographer Peter Dibdin.

Upon reaching Memphis we had received our canons from spudtech (handheld pneumatic artillery) in order to blast our way across the USA.

The culmination was a residency and performances at PS1 MoMa, New York followed by a performance / installation at Chapter Arts, Cardiff.

PS1 MoMa New York

link here to 'Trail of Tears' at the Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh.

Film featuring the spudguns at Chris's Art Farm, Memphis.

Students at Memphis College of Art created styrofoam villians for us to critique and to get target practice before heading to New York City.



Footage and sound piece with the Prairie Oysters in Memphis, featuring Charles Bronsons' Solitary Fitness Program

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