"It is very hard to imagine life except through your own existence. 
In the same way that I think contemplating infinity scares people because it is difficult to reconcile with the everyday limits of the horizon. Death is just too final and unknowable for many. 
We are control freaks when it comes to our destiny"

'The Beautiful House' is a story of modern mummification and the present day post-humanist crisis in our relationship with death.

Frankie Fisher, following the traditional wishes of her Egyptian grandmother, runs the world’s last and highly illegal Beautiful House in the remote highlands of Scotland.

The play follows the relationship between the professional perfectionist mortician turned mummifier, Frankie and her latest client who happens to be not only her adored high school teacher, but also her sister’s husband.

As the play progresses their relationship is re-lived, questioned and fantasised. Feelings of loss are examined, memories that should have been forgotten have surfaced and unanswered questions find their answer.

Using collected memoirs and interviews from the public, including a Forensic Artist, Nurse, Philosophy Student and a Heart Surgeon, ‘The Beautiful House’ explores death with fresh eyes by taking us back to the most ancient customs in history.

Written By: Emma Anderson
Directed By: Chris Lee & Emma Anderson
Cast: Chris Lee & Emma Anderson
Music by Baluga
This show is suitable for 16 years old +


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